Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a party date?

To reserve a party, you will book it here online. At the time of booking, the full fee is required. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.

What happens if I need to cancel or change my party?

All party fees are non-refundable, no exceptions and cannot be applied to other services or merchandise.

Can I bring food to my party?

We allow cakes/cupcakes. No other outside food or drink is allowed in our facility. We will gladly offer pizza from a local vendor for an additional fee. We also provide cakes/cupcakes upon request at an additional cost. Please specify upon reserving your party.

What happens if I arrive late to my own party?

Because we host many parties in one day it is important we start and finish all parties promptly. Please note that we are unable under any circumstance to extend any party due to late arrivals.

Can I tip my party hostess?

Definitely! Cash gratuities are standard. Your party hostess will indeed do a great job and service gratuities are welcomed. Standard gratuities are 10-20%.

What ages are your parties for?

We offer a variety of party themes for boys and girls of all ages. Please review the description of each package to determine which one best suits your child.

Can I bring balloons for my party?

For safety reasons, latex balloons are not allowed in the party rooms. Though not necessary, you may bring in Mylar balloons.

Can I bring additional props to my party?

No, additional props are not permitted in our facility. Party favors that are individually bagged and packaged are permitted. Please contact us if you have additional questions regarding what is and what is not permitted.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests I can invite to my party?

Attendance over 10 will be charged an additional rate per person depending on what package you choose. IMPORTANT- an additional hostess fee of $35 will be charged for parties with more than 12 guests.

What happens if a guest arrives late?

Guests who arrive late will join the party at whatever point the party has progressed to.

What should party guests wear?

This depends on your package. For the Top Fun packages where you will be riding go karts, closed toe shoes are REQUIRED.
For the dress up packages, please ask your guests to wear leotards, bodysuits or bathing suits under their clothes, for modesty reasons.

Can other parents/ siblings stay for the party?

Parents are always welcome to stay. We have extra seating and standing room provided in each room. *Please note that you will be charged for everyone who participates in the party activities. We have plenty for parents and siblings to do while your party is in action.

How is make-up applied?

Make-up consists of lip gloss/lipstick, eye shadow and fairy dust. Each is applied with a disposable applicator and the same applicator is never used twice.

Can I arrive early?

Because we host several parties daily, event guests will be allowed into the party room promptly at the party start time.

How do you handle misbehaving children?

Please note that it is not our responsibility to handle ill mannered party guests. We are here to engage the children in a whimsical and enchanting party experience. It it the responsibility of the client to handle any children that are misbehaving and causing disruption to the party atmosphere.

Top Fun Longview assumes no responsibility or liability for any or all accidents or theft. It is your responsibility to secure all personal belongings before, during and after the party. Top Fun Longview is not responsible for any allergic reactions to food or beverage consumed at the party.